KS5 Homework: Include a summary of the type of tasks that students will be expected to complete:  

  • Students could be asked to complete a combination of the following:
    • Students may be asked to complete revision specifically related to the curriculum.
    • Students may be set exam questions with time limits to practice in exam-like conditions.
    • Students may be set a wide selection of reading to complete that ties into their learning. They will be expected to make notes on what they have learned from the reading.
    • Students may be set appropriate tasks that support their revision for formal assessments. 
    • Students may be asked to watch a specific historical programme that is directly related to their learning in class. These programmes will be used as a basis for class discussion and classroom based activities.
KS5 Homework: Specify how frequently homework will be set:

  • Students should expect KS5 homework to be set after most lessons.