Thank you for your support regarding non-uniform over the past week’s heatwave.  Looking at the forecast, I suspect that this is going to be a concern, off and on, until the end of term.

Whilst the ability to wear non-uniform is welcomed by many, it is not without its problems.  Many students forget everyday items and essentials such as PE kit, pens and pencils, there are some students who are wearing really skimpy outfits.  Not only are these unsuitable for school, but the risk of sunburn on areas not often exposed is high.

In order to support you so you know where you are with washing (and the girls who told me it was really stressful choosing outfits!) we have decided to allow students to wear a choice of:

  • Full school uniform (with shoes)
  • Summer school uniform (with shoes)
  • PE kit (with trainers)
  • A combination of PE shorts or dark sports shorts or skorts (not fashion shorts) and summer polo shirt, or plain white t-shirt (with trainers).

This will remain in place until the end of term and hopefully this will enable all parents to keep up with their laundry and not have to wash PE kit every night!  You will be able to decide on a daily basis what is suitable for your child.

Please try to send your child with a water bottle and sunscreen if they have it.  Sun hats/caps may be worn.