The dates and times for collection of examination results this summer are:

Level 3 Results: Thursday 16th August

Collection of results 10:00am

GCSE and Level 2 Vocational Results: Thursday 23th August

Year 11 results 10:00am


Please collect your results from the Library. You will be able to collect your results up to 1pm.

Results will be at tables – sorted alphabetically by your surname – find the right table, give your surname and collect your envelope.

You can open your envelope at school or take it away and open it quietly on your own. If you open the envelope at school, hopefully you can celebrate with your friends – but remember there will be some who have not got the results they wanted so please be sensitive.

If you are joining Sandhurst School Sixth Form in September then please make sure you enrol on your courses before you leave for the day.

If you are one of the unlucky few that have not got the results you wanted then there will be lots of staff around to advise and help you make choices about your next step.

If you cannot make it to school on results day you can arrange with the exams officer, Mrs Evans, to receive your results in another way:

  1. If you cannot make it on results day come to the school reception any day after the 5th September between 10 am and 2 pm.
  2. Someone else can collect your results if they have a letter signed by you authorising them to collect them.  No one (not even your mum or dad) can be given your results without your written permission. There is a template to request that someone else collects your results available
  3. Your results can be posted to any address you would like as long as you provide the exams officer with a letter giving the address where you would like your results to be sent. These results will not be posted until the afternoon of results day – so you might not receive them for a day or two. If you change your mind you can still come in on results day and collect them.